Saturday, 14 December 2013

Change The Setting Style with Slide Tab Android 2.1+ Devices


Change The Setting Style with Slide Tab Android 4.1+ Devices:-

Sliding Tabs can be themed to almost every Holo variant, so you can easily make it look like other parts of your system. The application does not require root access, and can be installed and uninstalled like a standard Android app. Unfortunately, the the app has some problems with KitKat, where not every function is available. But hopefully, Biftor will fix these issues in coming releases.
XDA Senior Member Biftor Make This Settings application that  works on all devices running Eclair or higher. The main goal of this application is to add another settings app in the drawer, with a fully customizable look. This app does not replace the standard settings app. The standard settings app can still be launched easily.


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