Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Android 4.3 Update Download For T-Mobile Galaxy S 4


Android 4.3 Update Download For  the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4:-

It’s not Android 4.4 KitKat, but at least it’s a small step in the right direction. We’ve gotten word that the Android 4.3 update is now rolling out to the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S 4. This comes nearly an entire month after we saw the same update roll out to the Verizon model.
As seen in previous Android 4.3 builds for most modern Samsung devices, this M919UVUEMK2 build features KNOX, as well as various other updates and tweaks. More information on the update can be found on T-Mobile’s Update Support Page.

Kernel Settings - ktweaker

Governor: Ktoonservativeq
Governor settings: touch_boost_cpu 810mhz
i/o sched: ROW
Governor adjustments: touch_boost_cpu = 810mhz

Voltages: Every phone is different, I use stock tables and have no problem getting 5-6 hours screen time

Screen off mhz: 810mhz <-- big battery saver, no performance loss


Xposed + Gravity box

it's not a surprise to me anymore when I visit the XDA website and a spotlight on xposed is featured, ever wonder why that is? because it's just that good!

--- Date&Time settings crash
--- Caller ID mismatch
--- Split conversation in messaging
--- Wakelock in calendar app periodically turning on the screen
--- Waelock in messaging app turning on the screen every time new message arrives
--- Missing TTS settings in Language&Input
--- Missing extended developer options

Mods - the set of additional useful features that make using the system more easy and fun
--- CyanogenMod Pie controls
--- Expanded Desktop
--- Statusbar QuickSettings tile management with tile reordering
--- Lockscreen targets
--- Statusbar color and transparency
--- Statusbar Brightness Control
--- Statusbar icon colors
--- Additional QuickSettings tiles: 
------- Sync on/off, WiFi AP on/off, GravityBox shortcut, Torch, Network mode (2G/3G/2G+3G switch), Sleep, QuickRecord,
QuickApp, GPS on/off, Ringer mode, Volume tile
--- Quick pulldown - switches to QuickSettings when status bar is pulled down near edges
--- Auto-switch to QuickSettings when there are no notifications
--- Center clock in statusbar
--- Battery indicator style
--- Navigation bar tweaks
--- Low battery warning policy
--- Disable LED flashing when battery low
--- Disable LED while charging
--- Auto-hiding of signal icons for empty SIM Slots
--- Advanced power-off menu (reboot, recovery)
--- Volume key cursor control
--- Skip tracks by volume key long-press while screen off (thanks to rovo89)
--- More volume levels for music stream
--- Option to control safe headset media volume
--- Button for clearing all recent tasks at once
--- Fullscreen caller photo
--- CRT screen off animation
--- Minimal brightness setting
--- Autobrightness levels adjustment
--- Lockscreen tweaks - show widgets maximized, lockscreen background style (color fill, custom image)
--- Lockscreen rotation
--- Phone tweaks - flip action, disable vibrate on call connect
--- Hardware key actions - menu long-press/double-tap, back long-press, home long-press
--- MasterKey vulnerabilities patched (thanks to @Tungstwenty)
--- Dithered Holo background
--- Option to use solid black Holo background
--- Expandable volume panel
--- Option to unlink ringtone and notifications volumes
--- Notification drawer style (background color, image for portait/landscape, transparency)
--- Button backlight modes (default, disabled, always on while screen is on)
--- Button backlight notifications (for devices that lack Notification LED)

Some items may not function properly but who cares? this module is always getting updated and fixes are implemented on a regular, best part is you can update right from the xposed installer this ROM provides


Save those hardware buttons! Use LMT Launcher

Lets face it, the more you press that home button the faster the flex cable is going to malfunction, one thing you can do is find some sort of gesture launcher, LMT launcher is free, frequently updated and offers a ton of customization. 1 swipe up from the bottom and I can 1) turn the screen off 2) home button 3) multitask 4)quick settings 5)notification panel

my pie
pie 1 - key - 26 (this turns off screen)
pie 2 - home
pie 3 - key- 187 (this enables multitasking menu without graphical glitch using non root method)
pie4 - notification pulldown
pie5 - quicksettings


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