Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pie Controls for All Android Devices

Not too long ago, we featured a couple of Xposedmodules aimed at emulating some of Paranoid Android’s functionality on other ROMs. The first gives you an experience similar to Paranoid Android’s open source Halo interface. The second gives you per-app controls for things like dpi, language, and much more. Due to requirements inherent to the Xposed framework, only devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later could participate.
Paranoid Android’s Pie Controls on any rooted device running Froyo or later. It is important to point out, however, that this is not Paranoid Android’s Pie Controls. As such, you won’t find all of the same features and configuration options. However, EatHeat’s implementation allows for a good amount of tweaking, both cosmetic and functional. EatHeat’s Pie Control allows you to customize visible applications and buttons, color, inner and outer glow, trigger parameters, vibration, and more.

What is this app?
An app like Paranoid Android's Pie feature with a lot of functions and features.

What this isn't?
This is not real Pie feature of PA.

Why is root needed?
Root is needed for some functions. Although some functions can be used without root, I did not allow it as people would ask why the other features do not work.


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