Thursday, 18 July 2013

Android 4.3 For Google Nexus 4 Download


Android 4.3 Leaked for the Google Nexus 4:-

Every year, Android users wait in anticipation for signs of leaked updates. The disappointment end users faced when Google delayed announcing Android 4.3 at Google I/O will soon be outweighed due to a leaked system dump by XDA Forum MemberManOnTheMoon.

The dump is available as a Team Win Recovery Project backup for the Nexus 4. Android Police has been tracking the dump, and they verified the legitimacy of it at approximately late last evening, which was originally obtained by Jeff Williams. JWR66N has unofficially been released into the wild. Although the radio and bootloader are still missing, ManOnTheMoon promised they would be available tomorrow.
Users who decide to install the leaked update should do so with caution, and after making a full Nandroid backup. There is speculation that Google’s July 24 event may give us a peak into 4.3, so those of you who are feeling less adventurous may want to wait for the official announcement.
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I won't post links to Jeff's Dropbox because it'll blow through his bandwidth allocation in no time. Instead, here are several of our mirrors. The files inside are the system and boot (that's the kernel) partitions, tarred. Just untar them and have fun looking at the APKs:


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